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13 River St Fort Plain, NY 13339





This is my Bull Terrier, Gator. Gator had health problems from day one. His toes would swell twice their size with bleeding and great discomfort.I took Gator to four other veterinarians in upstate New York. He was misdiagnosed by all of them, they didn't seem to sincerely care. They threw antibiotics at me, told me it should go away and it never did.
I heard about Dr. Chen at Fort Plain Animal Hospital and decided to give him a try.He did the proper tests and told me exactly what Gator's problems were. He gave me medication and has kept him in great health for the last six years.
Last summer, Gator urinated straight blood. I was very upset that at nine years, this could very well be real bad. We found a tumor on his bladder and attempted to shrink it so that Cornell University would be able to operate and remove it. Over the course of a few months, Dr. Chen had Dr. Verra ultrasound Gator 3 times. The third time, he didn't think Gator had a very good chance to beat this tumor, and with the tumor growing, he may succumb to this by Christmas.Two weeks before Christmas, blood was dripping out of him all over his kennel. He was clearly dying.
    The next morning, I said my good-byes. The tumor was killing him just as Dr. Verra said it would. Dr. Chen suggested he may be able to go in and see what he could do to help. I waited 48 hours. His chances were slim. Dr. Chen performed the surgery, using his expertise to save Gator's life. We were told previously that this operation would only be possible if done by Cornell.Dr. Chen removed all the tumor he could, stopped his bleeding and saved his lifeā€¦ a true Christmas miracle, performed by a highly skilled surgeon.

Someday, Gator will pass away, but I will always know I provided him with the best care in upstate New York.

    The doctors and staff at Fort Plain Animal Hospital are very professional and also very compassionate people. God bless them all from Gator and the Orsell family.





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